Deposits for Probate Cases
$65.00 Application to File Will For Record Only
$250.00 Application for Authority to Administer Estate of Decedent (Testate or Intestate)
$100.00 Application for Release From Administration
$30.00 Application for Summary Release from Administration

Application to File Will for Record Only with Tax Return


Civil Complaint (Will Contests, Land Sales, Declaratory Judgments, Determination of Heirs, etc.)

$250.00 Demand for a Jury Trial
$200.00 Wrongful Death


$150.00 Change of Name
$200.00 Guardianship – Incompetent

Guardianship – Minor


Minor Settlement

$150.00 Conservatorship
$125.00 Trusts
$100.00 Structured Settlement Transfers
$21.50 Delayed Registration of Birth
$21.50 Correction of Birth
$50.00 Marriage License (includes one (1) certified
copy of your license and marriage record, which will be returned to you after the person who performed
the marriage ceremony, returns the marriage certificate to the court.)


Disclaimer: Legal practice in all Courts is restricted by law to attorneys who are licensed by The Supreme Court of Ohio. DEPUTY CLERKS ARE PREVENTED FROM PRACTICING LAW AND THEREFORE ARE NOT PERMITTED TO GIVE ADVICE. They are only authorized to determine if forms and other legal documents are appropriate and acceptable for filing. Court Holidays


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